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The cost of Dubai property

In Dubai you will find properties to suit all budgets and everyone’s needs can be satisfied, from a young bachelor seeking a functional studio apartment to a millionaire seeking a grand and exclusive mansion on its own hilltop.

New homes: The Dubai property market currently comprises a majority of new homes, so the local developers will be able to provide you with pricing information at the launch of each new project, 2-3 years in advance of its completion date. These type of properties are usually referred to ‘off –plan’ purchases. Here at Vista Dubai we canhelp you make the right choice when buying off plan in Dubai.

Pre-owned homes: Naturally, as time progresses, the secondary residential property market is taking shape in Dubai. Developments are being completed every day and as with every growing city resident’s look to move around. We have a large range of pre-owned homes in Dubai that would meet your needs.
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Dubai Economic Growth