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What can I buy in Dubai?

There are now over 20 new residential communities in Dubai they are at varying stages of development. Some are completed, some are under construction and some have been announced to the public. It is possible to purchase property in any one of these developments. Depending on the construction status the price will vary. Off-Plan properties will generally be cheaper than a completed property of the same quality.

The residential districts are located throughout the city area within a radius of approximately 20 kilometres of the central business district, where the Sheikh Zayed Highway runs alongside the emerging Burj Dubai district and Dubai International Financial City.

The Dubai property development sector has risen energetically in recent years, as a Dubai home-seeker, you will discover an impressive range of options:

• You can live in a luxurious villa at in one of the tranquil developments such as The Springs or The Meadows, or you can choose to live in one of the iconic high rise towers that are sculpting the Dubai skyline.
• Choose between city living, waterfront locations, desert settings, championship golf courses, an equestrian centre or even a clutch of man-made islands.
• Whether your taste favours Arabic, Spanish or New York architectural and decorative theme, you are likely to find many intriguing alternatives.

Property portfolios: Indeed, if you were unable to select between the many styles of home on offer, but are lucky enough to have sufficient funds not to have to choose, there is nothing to prevent you from owning 2 or more Dubai properties.
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What can I buy in Dubai