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What if I don’t plan to live full-time in Dubai?

Absentee owners: Should you intend to spend most of your time outside Dubai, you need not worry about the maintenance or security of your home, as there is an extensive support infrastructure already in place. There is also a substantial residential rental market, which caters for the majority of the Dubai population.

Pool services: For those owning a villa with a garden, there are many facilities management companies, providing reliable services with good value for money, which can keep your surroundings in prime condition. Many families also install their own swimming pool, which can also be regularly maintained under a straightforward service agreement.

“Concierge” services: As you would expect, the needs of overseas owners have encouraged many full-service, property management companies to establish a presence in Dubai. Some of these companies are homegrown and some are affiliates or associates of international organizations. For the ultimate peace of mind, serious consideration of this “one-stop shop” option is recommended.

What if I don’t plan to live full-time in Dubai