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Burj Dubai (Downtown Dubai)

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dubai properties
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The Burj Dubai is set to be the world’s tallest tower and centrepiece of the Gulf regions most prestigious square mile of real estate on the planet!

The development of the Burj Dubai will feature a number of Luxury apartments located almost in the sky itself. The exclusive Sky Living residences will be customized using the latest technology and the best designers, ensuring each living space in unique in its own way.

Luxury facilities exclusive to Burj Dubai residences include four luxurious swimming pools, squash courts, fitness centres, mini theatre, library and Golf Courts. The residences at Burj Dubai will feel urban life at its best.

This immense structure will be mostly residential, but will also be home to the world’s highest observation deck at a vertigo suggesting 517m high, as well as the worlds first six star rated Armarni Hotel. It will also include entertainment, hotels, commercial and the world’s largest luxury shopping mall.

Shadowed by the tower itself, across a enormous man made lake will be home to the 'Super high’ Lake Hotel, the world’s largest ever shopping mall, over 70 high-rise buildings and a beautiful 'old town' style village. The development of the Old Town will feature every kind of restaurant from five-star dining to outdoor cafes overlooking beautiful waterways and parks.

Other developments surrounding Burj Dubai include Burj Views, Boulevard Crescents, Burj Dubai Downtown, the Lofts and the Old Town Island.

At its centrepiece stands the iconic Burj Dubai Tower, set to be the world’s tallest building, as well as the tallest building by any measure upon completion in June 2009. At the end this development is scheduled for occupancy in late 2009.

dubai properties
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