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Dubailand the world's most ambitious Leisure, Tourism and Entertainment destination with over 3 Billion square feet (278 km²/107 mile²) of world class Theme Parks, Culture, well being, Sports, Shopping, Hospitality and Entertainment.

Dubailand follows a phased approach to the implementation of its projects. The launch phase will extend from 2004 to 2006. This includes initial infrastructure like major road works and the enabling of the provision of utilities and other services. Phase 2 includes further infrastructure development and will extend from 2007 to 2010, concentrates on unique leisure and entertainment projects. Phase 3 will be completed around 2015 and will cover value-added development and services. Dubailand's estimated completion date is 2020

Dubailand's offering will include more nationally and internationally recognised and well sought after visitor attractions, including:

• Theme Parks

• Culture and Arts

• Science and Planetariums

• Sports and Sports Academies

• Wellbeing and Health

• Shopping and Retail

• Resorts and Hotels

These attractions will be divided into separate worlds over the over 3 Billion square feet (278 km²/107 mile²) site and will include 45 mega projects and 200 sub projects and parks which reflect the large diversity and culture that Dubailand will have to offer.

Attractions & Experience World 13 km² (5.2 mile²) - Attractions & Experience World is a family World of theme and water parks, roller coasters and adventure. It will feature an array of themed, large-scale attractions, using the latest technology for thrills and safety. The largest theme park will act as an anchor, attracting visitors and encouraging the growth of visits to other attractions within the World, and Dubailand as a whole. Attractions include:

• Aquadunya

• Bawadi

• Dubai Snowdome, an indoor ski resort.

• Giants World

• Global Village

• Kids City

• Sahara Kingdom

• Tiger Woods Dubai

• Universal Studios Dubai

• Water Parks

Retail and Entertainment World 4 km² (1.6 mile²) - Retail & Entertainment World will provide an epicentre for retail facilities, providing a wide variety of global brands, mixed with unique boutiques and discount stores, all within one of the biggest mall in the world - the Mall of Arabia. Attractions include:

• Auction World

• Factory Outlets

• Flea Market

• World Trade Park

Themed Leisure and Vacation World 29 km² (11.2 mile²) - Themed Leisure & Vacation World offers a relaxing world of spas, health and well-being, and will consist of leisure retreats consisting of quality vacation village residences, resort hotels and wellness retreats. Fitness and stress-management focused facilities and unique creative concepts, such as themed resorts, provide an extraordinary experience for everyone. Attractions include:

• Andalusian Resort and Spa

• Desert Kingdom

• Destination Dubai

• Women's World

Eco-Tourism World 75 km² (28.9 mile²) - Eco-Tourism World is a natural world marvelling at the beauty of our planet, and will comprise of a series of nature and desert-based attractions integrated within their desert parkland surrounds. The experiential and cultural activities offer a unique opportunity for residents and visitors. Attractions include:

• Al Kaheel

• Al Sahra Desert Resort

• Sand Dune Hotel

Sports and Outdoor World 19 km² (7.4 mile²) - Sports & Outdoor World will include a mix of sporting venues that will incorporate a dynamic program of football, cricket international rugby, and other sports tournaments as well as extreme sports activities. Sports & Outdoor World will be ideally positioned to become a prime warm weather training facility for professional sports teams and will appeal to a broad mix of markets. Attractions include:

• Dubai Autodrome

• Dubai Golf City

• Dubai Sports City

• Emerat Sports World

• Plantation Equestrian and Polo Club

Downtown 1.8 km² (0.7 mile²) - Downtown features varying dining establishments, clubs and entertainment venues including cinemas and street performers. Attractions include:

• City Walk

• Mall of Arabia, which will be the world's largest shopping mall

• The Great Dubai Wheel, which will be the world's 2nd largest observation wheel after Shanghai Kiss

• Virtual Game World

To give an idea of the size of the completed Dubailand development, it will be twice the size of all of the Disneyland/DisneyWorld resorts put together, (which is currently the largest collection of amusement parks in the world).

Facts and Figures

• Dubailand is a member of Tatweer and the world's most ambitious tourism, leisure and entertainment

project, designed to catalyze the position of Dubai as an international hub of family tourism

• The Dubailand venture is estimated at AED 235 billion (£32.7 billion)

• Dubailand will cover an area of 3 billion square feet

• Dubailand has 7 themes: Theme parks, culture & art, science & planetariums, sports & sports academies, wellbeing & health, shopping & retail and resorts & hotels

• Dubailand has a total of 45 mega projects

• Projects currently operational include: Autodrome, Polo & Equestrian Club and Al Sahra Desert Resort

• Dubailand expects a footfall of 40,000 visitors a day and 15 millions visitors a year once fully operational

• The diverse projects under Dubailand include theme parks, eco-tourism projects, shopping malls, restaurants and residential units that are being developed by UAE, GCC and international investors

• Dubailand will have a minimum of 55 hotels within its geographical location

• Dubailand projects a population of 2.5 million people, which includes tourists, workers and residents, once fully operational

Dubailand is ideally located on Emirates Ring Road, providing easy access. It is just 10 minutes from Emirates Towers, 10 minutes from Dubai International Airport, 20 minutes from Sharjah and 60 minutes from Abu Dhabi. Nearby developments include the multicultural residences of International City, the Dragon Mart (the largest Chinese goods market in the Middle East), Dubai Design Center, and the production studios of International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), Global Village, and Arabian Ranches developments.

dubai property
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dubai properties
dubai properties
dubai properties
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