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Date: 22/12/2008

EDC signs Tradelink Partnership to enhance German trade ties

Dubai Export Development Corporation (EDC) has signed a Tradelink Partnership with the German Industry and Commerce Office Oman/Qatar/United Arab Emirates (AHK) to help increase trade between Dubai and Germany based businesses.

The Partnership aims for both EDC and AHK to develop and promote trade linkages between the two economies through the organisation and promotion of joint activities as well as through the sharing of information and the provision of introductions and advice in order to minimise barriers to trade. The Partnership also notes that training and temporary staff exchange programs will be explored.

Germany and the United Arab Emirates enjoy a long and established history of trade. Dubai's 2007 exports to Germany amounted to Dh188.4 million, a growth of 41 per cent as compared to the 2006 figure of Dh133.3 million. In 2007, Dubai imported goods from Germany amounting to Dh18.7 billion, a growth of 25.5 per cent when compared to the 2006 figure of Dh14.9 billion.