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Date: 04/10/2010
No Title Deed For Your Property Until Developer Is Paid In Full

Title deed will be issued to property owners only if the full payment has been made to the developer, said a government official.

"The unit owner has to make a full and final payment to the developer to get his title deed. We can't issue the deed if there is any due on the property," said Mohammed Sultan Thani, Assistant Director General of Land Department.

In September, this website reported that the Land Department will issue a title deed to the unit owner even if a developer fails to fulfill his obligation of paying one per cent of the sales registration fee.

"Sales and purchase agreements (SPA) define the terms of payment of fees for sales registration. In cases, where the developer refuses to pay one per cent of his share for sales registration, the unit owner can pay the entire two per cent and register the property and get a title," he had said.

The Land Department, on its website, mentions that registering the property purchase with the department and being issued with a title deed is the only mechanism in place to certify ownership of a particular property and to guarantee rights as an owner of the property. A title deed takes no longer than three days to be issued if all the necessary documents are submitted and the issuance fee is Dh250.

Meanwhile, the department said about 30,615 sale transactions have been registered with the department till end of August.

Thani said they have been registering 30 to 35 transactions every day with the maximum transaction in being recorded in affordable communities such as Discovery Gardens and International City.

The total number of sales transactions registered in 2009 were nearly 43,000, while the number was 31,613 in 2008.