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Date: 04/10/2010
Dubai's popular real estate exhibition kicks off on Monday

Cityscape is anticipated to be a much quieter affair than during the boom years, not about property launches but a return to its original raison d'être - networking...

Dubai: re-branded from Cityscape Dubai to Cityscape Global, the "People are expecting Cityscape this year to be a networking event rather than earth shattering announcements," Ronald Hinchey, partner, Cluttons Middle East, told Gulf News.

"People want to get a feel for how everyone else is doing to see where the market is sitting these days compared to the same time last year, a couple of months ago and where it is heading," he added.

"This year's Cityscape represents the best that is left from the agencies. The low participation shows the difficult market we're in today, the one for the brave ones. The merit is that the competition, which was not compliant with market regulations are out, there is no space to play around in this market anymore," said Cecilia Reinaldo, managing director of Fine & Country.

Reinaldo told Gulf News that the focus is not on Dubai, but on bringing real estate offerings in Cyprus and Brazil to this year's Cityscape, underscoring the "global" aspect of the exhibition. Over 30 per cent of exhibitors this year are from all parts of the world, including quite a few European, North American, Korean and Chinese players.

The main conference menu is tuned down in size as well, focusing on global economy and real estate investment issues and hospitality. Retail will have its own forum. Architects and urban planners will get their say again at the World Architecture Congress and City Leaders Forum. Investor Round Tables and evening events round off the networking experience.