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Cost of Living In Dubai

The lack of tax in Dubai has an impact on the cost of many items, this means that cars and electrical goods will be significantly cheaper than most parts of western Europe. The cost of imported foods can be high, especially if you buy internationally recognised brands and household goods. There are however plenty of locally produced, cheaper products that are of an excellent quality.

Electricity, water and gas, are subsidised to a certain extent by the region’s governments, which own the services (except for bottled gas supplies) in order to provide inexpensive electricity and water, mainly for the benefit of the local population. Utilities are therefore cheaper than in most European countries. However, at the height of summer, air-conditioning costs will escalate, rather as the cost of heating increases in winter in colder climates. Newcomers sometimes make the expensive mistake of keeping their air-conditioning on even when they’re out, but this is unnecessary, as air-conditioning systems reduce the temperature in your accommodation quickly when activated on your return home.

The cost of buying alcohol in Dubai is generally less than the UK, the sale of alcohol is generally restricted to hotel bars and clubs. There are however lots of these throughout Dubai. The cost of consumer electronics such as televisions, DVD playersand Hi-Fi’s are generally lower than many parts of Europe, this is mainly due to lower import duty.

Are there facilities and amenities?

Current status: Residents of Dubai have become accustomed to having a good range of recreational facilities on their own doorstep, provided at no additional charge under the terms of their rental agreements. So, the challenge for the home ownership sector is to set the quality standards ever higher!

“Standard” amenities: Your property research will almost invariably reveal a long list of “extras”, in terms of exercise and leisure opportunities. You can normally expect free access to swimming pools, gymnasia, tennis and squash courts. In addition to this, certain residential communities are custom-built to share their space with superb golfing and equestrian facilities. If you decide to live by the water, there will also be mooring facilities for boating enthusiasts.

Shopping & dining: It is customary for residential communities to be provided with a full complement of retail and dining outlets, ranging from high fashion to convenience stores and chic restaurants to fast food takeaways. Deluxe “extras”: The larger developments will often also have five star hotels nearby, offering further recreational, eating and shopping options. Indeed, should you decide to set up home within the Burj Dubai community, you will be within easy access of the biggest shopping area in the world, the Dubai Mall. Also, for a special treat, you can book a table in one of the sky-high restaurants of the Burj Dubai tower, the tallest building in the world.

Suggestion: To learn much more about what Dubai has to offer residents and visitors, visit the About Dubai section of this website. Dubai is truly a city, which knows no limits when it comes to having fun!

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Cost of Living in Dubai