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Perseus (The World)

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The World is a collection of 300 man made islands off the coast of Dubai positioned to form the shape of the World map. Dubai is well known for its offshore developments but this particular plan is so ambitious and so exclusive that little is known about the actual use of the Islands.

Dubai based developers Perseus Property Management Ltd has purchased two islands from master plan developers Nakheel. These Islands will be developed to create the Perseus Resort and Spa, which will capture the tranquillity of the offshore environment and create a design that combines Mediterranean architecture with a hint of Ancient Greece. The central point of the development will be the Boutique Hotel and Spa and Marina. Here guests can relax around the pools, bars and treatment areas or swim amongst the ruins and coral reefs teaming with sea life. The two islands are Orenburg and Rostov, which are regions in Russia, and make up part of the Euro-Asia segment of The World.

Orenburg Island

Orenburg, will contain low rise 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments with sea views looking onto other islands or views looking on to a fabulous marina. The houses are scattered in a medium density, spread over 429,000 sq ft of island, and are intermingled with the Boutique Hotel, Spa and Beach Club. All apartments have access to a semi-private beach.

Rostov Island

Rostov, the second inter-connected island will be home to 44, three and four bedroom private villas, each with their own private beach. The houses are scattered in low density, spread over 341,000 sq ft of island.

Perseus Resort Facilities

• Restaurant Style Seats

• Main ‘all day dining’ Restaurant

• Specialty Restaurant

• Sunset Restaurant

• Poolside Restaurant

• Bar Style

• Hotel Bar

• Sunset Beach Bar

• Lagoon Bar

• Pool Bar

• Restaurant Component Elements

• Spa & Wellness Centre

• Health & Fitness Club

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