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Date: 05/12/2008

Contract worth Dh582mn awarded by Tiger Woods Dubai for infrastructural works

An exclusive 55 million square foot golf-themed real estate development and a member of Tatweer Dubai, The Tiger Woods Dubai said it has awarded a contract worth Dh582 million to the UAE-based Al Nasr Contracting Company for infrastructure works at the project.

Abdullah Al Gurg, project director of The Tiger Woods Dubai, said: "The awarding of the infrastructure contract marks the beginning of the next stage of our exclusive golf development. Al Nasr Contracting has been selected for its strong track record in development and construction. With work in progress, the project is set for rapid progression towards its scheduled timeline for completion."

The contract includes the construction of road works, street lighting and networks for storm water drainage, sewage and fire fighting facilities. Al Nasr Contracting is also mandated to set up a reverse osmosis reject water line, in addition to laying water supply networks for the lakes as well as for irrigation purposes.