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Date: 17/12/2008

Norman Disney and Young begins work on Nakheel Tower in Dubai

Norman Disney and Young (NDY), leading engineering firm, will provide mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulic services for Nakheel Tower, a kilometer-long vertical city that will have more than 200 floors, 150 lifts and lead the way in sustainable design.

Dennis O'Brien, Director & Deputy CEO, NDY, said, "The project is still in the preliminary design stage and detailed design is on the way. It is interesting to get involved in a job that has challenges. We negotiated the contract in an agreement with Nakheel."

The Nakheel Tower is part of the Nakheel Harbour and Tower real estate development in Dubai, which will cover an area of 2.7 km and be built alongside the proposed Arabian Canal. Nakheel Tower property is NDY's biggest real estate project until date and the firm will provide services to roughly 30-40 per cent of the overall project value.